Thursday, February 14, 2013

I came. I cried. I conquered.

A little boy came home to us on June 16th 2012 at 12:55 pm and these are the events that lead to that one marvelous moment.

Feb 2012 - we made our big move to UK. I was about 5 months pregnant and was trying to manage a thriving toddler and pack our stuff at the same time. Friends in Parsippany were a great help. From packing to cleaning the apartment. Without them, I cant imagine what an ordeal it would have been.
Apr 2012 - We finally get to move into the home we loved so much. Prabhu and I got the house up and running in a weeks time. V started play group. We started work on mom's UK visa. 
May 2012 - Many, many issues with mom's visa. We got mentally prepared to take care of 2  kids, a home and a career all on our own. V settled down better at Day Dreams (the nursery/day care)
June 2012 - Tickets booked for mom. 
              15 June 9 pm - Mom comes home to Manchester. Its a great sense of relief and  happiness for Hari, prabhu and me. 
              16 June 10.30 am - After a sumptuous breakfast of puri and aaloo palya, I sit down to watch V play with her granny and uncle. Contractions. And the pain doesn't go away which ever I sit,lie down or twitch. I begin to wonder if this was it.
                         11.15 am - 3 contractions have come and gone. I called triage. 
                         11. 30 am - I am sure something's up. We decide to leave for the hospital. We picked whatever little I had in my partially filled labor bag and left quietly without V not getting the wind of what was happening.
                         12. 00 pm - In triage waiting room. I was thinking - "what if this just turned out to be false labor. And if this DID turn out to be false labor, then God help me with the real one."    
                         12.15 pm - Pain. Screaming. Water broke. Nope, definetly not false labor. I am in tears saying "I am the only one crying. Everybody else is so calm" Hari laughs his guts out. Apparently, I am amusing even when in pain. Moved to delivery room. Screaming and twitching all the way. 
                         From here on, the next 20 odd mins are a blur of events. I was given some sort of nitrous gas to breathe in, which was supposed to make me feel dizzy and hence soothe the pain out. But it was making me heady and I didn't like it one bit. I kept biting and pushing the pipe and screaming my lungs out. I remember wanting to get it done with. I also felt that the gas was making me to lose control of my vigor. I very very strongly wanted to do exactly what my instincts were telling me to. Hari was there, holding my hands, suppressing his laughter (I know!) trying to put sense into my head (as he saw fit) and telling me that the gas really helped. But I was in mood to get 'gassy'. 
                        12:55 pm - All is well. My little boy is up against my heart and I said " Nin tarah ne idane" (he looks like u) to Hari and smiled. 
                        4 pm - First visitors for Amrit. Prabhu, mom and V came to the hospital. V was not at all interested in the baby. She was running around the ward, checking out the equipment and just having fun in general. 
                        7 pm - Everybody left. Amrit was fast asleep, I rested and of course typed some smart-ass-quip on FB!

Pic of the day - Ball(s) Park(ed)

Our Baby Boy! Love you loads :)

Other notes:
Nurse Kimberly kept asking me if I was alright the whole time and I was politely nodding at her while actually I wanted to scream at her and ask her if she was blind? I was in hell lot of pain...asking for pain relief and screaming and writhing and all she had was - " Are u alright?" And she asked me this not once, not twice but like a million times in that hour or so. Had I not been a decent woman, I would voiced all those foul words that were running through my head at that moment. I really liked the lady doctor who did my stitches and after labor clean up. Nice lady. I hated the common ward I was shifted to, later that afternoon. They didn't let anybody stay with me after 9 pm. The night nurse service was pretty poor at Wythenshawe. It was really difficult with nurses taking well over 20 mins to respond to help calls when you have a hungry, crying new born in a cot next to you. Food was crappy too. I didn't get breakfast next morning as nobody told me that it was served in the common room and not brought to bed.  My vericose veins were in awful shape. But even after 14 hrs (yes, really) they couldn't get hold of a doctor who could check me up and sign my release papers. I was in no mood to spend another rotten night at that hospital all by myself, so we signed a waiver saying that I was leaving the hospital against doctor advice (although, I got no "advice"... there was no doctor) and left the place on the 17th at about 5.30 pm for home with Amrit by our side. V had no clue what had happened. I was glad she didn't miss me much. She was much too excited and happy to play around and be the center of attention for her uncle and granny. She was brave for mommy.
Names considered - Akshay (My fav), Atul (my mother's fav), anirudh (madhu's pick). We settled on Amrit (Hari's pick) as it sat well with his sister's name. Together, they are Amrit-Vrishti !                            


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