Stories from my end of the rainbow..

A picture is worth a thousand words - they say. Then what better way to tell a story than through pictures. 
Besides, whats the use of carrying a smart phone around if you didn't click away like crazy?! :) 

First Snow Day

share my haripapa???? no way!

Mommy Rants

Miss. Rules Ramanujam

Technology is improving.... huuhhhh???

The '12 olympic special :)

One boring afternoon....

Happy Janmashtami

When Please does not work....

To have my cake and eat it too... 
I speak what I think

Naughty and nice
Growing up is not simple

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Aarthi said...

Very sweet Bindi!!! Loved ur pictorial illustrations..All of them... I am glad that you have started writing again! Woot! Woot!