Sunday, December 16, 2012

All in good time

Kid to pregnant mom " So, why did you swallow the baby in the first place?" 

The first few weeks are usually the worst. And with two tangoing around me,I constantly prayed for the first 3 unsettling months to be gone like wind and for Amrit to chalk out a routine for himself asap. But as my luck would have it, it took him longer than 5 months to feed and sleep following the clock. It took a lot of patience and hard work to manage two very young kids both at a highly diverse yet undeniable levels of dependence on me. At those disturbing times, I often took courage from my friends - the Narkars, who also rode a similar ride a year ago. Now that A has finally set down a predictable routine and V has accepted him as "My Baby Boy", things are far better compared to how life started out in June. 
Given that I am a mommy of two now, I often get one anxious mother or the other asking me if there was a right time to go for the second. Quoting a wise friend - Now or then, its going to be tough. Only the issues you face will be different. 
And there in lies the answer and the question too. Which sort of issues are you more equipped to handle? Very young firstborns (like V) are extremely dependent on the main caretaker (mother,in this case) and do not easily accept food or care from another family member. But they will quickly fall in love with the new baby, grow up with the younger one and the siblings will be tightly coupled without us trying to build a bond. When children grow older, they are far less dependent for care, but are much more possessive, cannot accept sudden changes and sometimes the kids may even grow apart due to huge age gap. Anyhow, the idea of this gyaan session was to let parents know that they can actually analyze this seemingly evasive problem and come out with an answer well suited for their family.
What about us? Well, as close friends would know, we (H and me) can be footloose and even reckless at times. And in a fashion true to ourselves, we did something stupid (and beautiful) twice; with not much planning. But we are sailing through and so will all of those who spill the beans too soon :P

I do wish for lone time now but I am sure the kids will be off to minding their own worlds sooner than I reckon. When that moment finally does come, I know I will miss being needed so badly. hhhmmmm....

Pic of the day - Flutter by, butterflies. 
Me, me. I am next!
Pic taken on 8th Aug 2012

P.S: Brain-cud for those who are married, but not parents yet - Everybody loves high school days. But nobody stays there forever. Right?  So please come join us in Nappyville, for its not fair that some people have all the fun (by 'people' I am mean - us, the parent folks :P )

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