Monday, May 23, 2011

Harmone Attack

One day I am irritated and swearing to God that I would never ever set my feet in the kitchen again and the same evening I am la-la-la-ing myself to fish fry. One moment I am sick of the monotony of cook, wash, laundry, bathe, vacuum, clean, again cook, wash…that has ended my life as I knew it and another moment I am happy as I can be cuddling and kissing my baby. And one day it suddenly dawned upon me standing in front of the stove that I was under attack; by the hormones. And funny thing is, you never know it yourself when it happens. I would have sworn I was never hormonal during my pregnancy had hari not pointed out otherwise. Even when he did tell me that I would be hyper one moment and cranky the other, I secretly thought he was just exaggerating. Well truth is ladies, we get all diva-like during and after pregnancy. Whether you want to let the high-queen-turned-bitch let loose or not is up to you…well partly at least. While I was having revelations like these, V was under a different kind of attack. A viral attack. Her first cold, cough and fever trilogy struck about a month back. As of today she is again sick with cough and congestion :( She is going to be on antibiotics and probiotics (hmmm…what a play of words) Sleepless nights are followed by cranky days for both V and me. Babies get clingy and lose interest in food. Which did not at all work well for V as she is already underweight :( V was doing fine when we travelled but exposure to kids seems to be her problem. Kids (2-4 yr olds esp) love babies and always want to kiss and hug them. And its not possible for parents to keep loving, curious kids away from our babies all the time. One time or another, this is bound to happen. I know parents who don't bring their babies in contact with other kids at least until they are a year old. And I also know babies who grow up in care centers surrounded by kids. And not to mention, the way we (our generation)  were brought up practically in our neighbor's front yard. Will isolation guarantee better health? Or will it stun the social skills of a baby? I am not sure what the right way of doing this is. Maybe a little more input from other mothers might help us figure this out better. But for now, I am going to slow down V's social life for at least a month and a half so she will be fine for our trip to India. And later on, I will have to politely ask kids not to kiss her. 

Hmm..hoping V will get back to her old self soon, here is the pic of the day - Under Attack

Silly lilliputtans.
Pic taken on : Feb 28 2011


Simran said...

Awww! Beautiful picture Brandy :) Where did you pick up those tiny toy figures? Beg, borrow, steal? And this getting sick phase lasts for sometime till they build their own immunity. So till about the time they turn 2 and a 1/2. They keep catching something on and off. Daycare, school and other social dos add to the risk of bringing something home. But worry not they soon learn to fight off the infection. Till then you can reduce the social stuff a li'l or tell the kiddies and ppl to wash their hands and touch the baby or use one of those liquid hand cleansers, the no-wash kinds and carry it around! I'm sure the kids' parents will understand :) All the best! said...

Nice pic Brandy.... I hope she s fine soon!!

Sam n Siva said...

get well soon, kutty paapa..
You too take care mommy!

Naarya said...

@ sim : thanks simran :) i bought them from a craft store here...and then returned them after taking the picture :D ( i know that sounds sooooo desi ) but i didnt have any other use for them..didnt go with other stuff in my house.
@ soumya n saman : thanks girls :)