Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All moms are supermoms!

For most things we needed 2 hands to do, we need only one now.
We take a million pics of the same baby-moment, promising to delete the duplicates later. "Later" never comes.
We dont have to sing in the bathroom anymore. Now we have an attentive, dedicated audience.
We long for some peace but worry the most when its too quiet.
It always feels like we have forgotten something.
There is a baby at the wheel, personal care in the back seat and socializing is in the trunk.
Every night, when we kiss them 'good night', we kiss our sleep ...... 'good bye'
Walking to the fridge is only form of exercise we get. (oohhkay... is the only exercise we "do"...happy??)

I was my father's daughter all along but during pregnancy I developed a second string of connection towards my mother and I have time and again been wondering at and appreciating all the things she would have done bringing us up. We all love our parents but parenthood definitely takes the respect to an entirely new level. And I have been lucky to see and learn from 2 such supermoms - my mother and my mother-in-law. 

So, here is the pic of the day to all supermoms and superdads out there
So, only "he" is allowed to show his underpants is it??? I see....

Pic Taken On : Feb 24 2011


Sam n Siva said...

Hey Supermommy,

Very true..I regret all the fights I had with my mother and accused her of not being fair.

Back from the labor room, The first thing I asked her was how did she manage this twice and she said smiling that I'll know soon. I guess I do know.

Cheers to all moms...I mean Supermoms


P.S: Love the way Vrishti paapa's bib becomes her cape!

Simran said...

Loved this one!!! She looks super cool :)

Naarya said...

@ saman and simi : thank u :)

Simant said...

Heartfelt.. Great one B