Friday, December 24, 2010

Taking the plunge

Bath time!! Ohh…bathing the baby is such a big deal. The Indian way of doing it is to give the baby a nice oil massage and then make the baby lie down on the mother's stretched out legs, pour warm water on her. Sounds easy but its really very difficult. The real challenge is to do this sitting inside the bath tub. Just one small little baby seems to make it so crowded. And it sure takes 2 to tango. My MIL was doing the actual scrubbing, soaping, shampooing etc for the first 3 months while I poured water. (Heyy…that's a very important job too.) Gotto take care no water goes into her mouth or ears, maintain water temperature, maintain water level, arrange the changing table with towels, fresh clothes, baby buds, powder, moisturizer… its a lotta work. 
After 3 months, its time for me to step into the tub and for hari to take over the duties of the assistant. She is much bigger now which makes it easier to hold her but she is also turning, twisting, jumping a lot and been lifting her head up (which is very risky considering water could go right into her nose, ears..) Hmmm...holding on to an oily baby who doesn't want to be bathed in the first place sounds scary. We tried bathing her in the baby bath tub once and she did not like it at all. She screamed and cried and it took us more than an hour to console the poor scared baby. So no baby bath tub until she is a little older and can sit up.
Oily baby, slippery bath tub, water all over…ME…there are a million things that could go wrong and I am shit scared. But I want to be brave and plunge in to the water. Thousands of women have done this to their babies. It cannot be that bad… or maybe it can :( God help me.. 

Pic of the day - Deep see Dreaming
Forget the bath tub; Take me to the sea

Pic Taken on: Nov 15 2010

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