Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glass box nightmares

Vrishti had slight traces of jaundice when she was born (Its very common among babies born in the US. Not so much in India) It was not too high. All she needed was sunlight to break down the extra bilirubin that did not decompose on its on. So she was asked to come back to the hospital the day after she was discharged for 24 hrs of phototherapy. I was upset over it, but not entirely scared or sad. It was not very comfortable carrying a 3 days old baby around with my stitches still fresh and hari not having caught up with sleep at all. The room only had an armchair that opened up like a recliner for the parents to sleep in. Hari couldn't fit in it. He would sleep in very uncomfortable positions, so tired that he did not mind it. Hospital food was good and I was getting some help and guidance with baby's feeding. But we just wanted to walk out of the hospital doors as soon as possible.
Baby was kept in a fancy glass box with UV bulbs in it. She had to wear an eye band so she wouldn't look at the bulbs directly. It was to be placed on her eyes and held in place using her cap. She hated it and kept trying to remove it. Poor baby. They stuck a thermistor sort of thing on her body to keep her body temperature under check. She kept pulling it out too. Sometimes we pulled it out by mistake while taking her in and out for feeding. The glass box with baby inside it looked like a alien lab set up for experimentation. Wonder what she felt being blinded and kept in a box with things sticking out of her. Sure must have been nightmarish for her.
After exactly 24 hrs, her bilirubin count came down enough for her to be set free from the box. Her skin and eyes remained slightly yellowish for next one week. Slowly it all went away. 

Pic of the day - Alien abduction
The damsel in distress

Pic Taken on: Nov 10 2010

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Srivatsan said...

She should not be damsel in distress... she should be the commander of earth striking the alien spaceships! :)