Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The under pressure cook(er)

My son has had a lot of things to eat - crayons, paper, lip stick, vaseline, cement rocks, soap, his own poop (hey, dont judge me, before you know what happened*) 

When A was about a month and a half, he went 22 days without a bowel movement. No, that was not a typo, he did go twenty two straight days without poo-poo-ing. If there was a world record for this sort of thing, he was sure going for it! BTW, he holds the next best record too... 18 days. (Talk about all fart and no shit!) Both V and A have had tummy troubles from day one. Three years and six months later, I am still nowhere close to finding the solution that works for my kids. And I think, in some measure or other, nutrition is a big question in every parent's mind.
Getting fussy, picky kids to eat a healthy-balanced diet is not at all easy. Lately, I have been learning to hide veggies into treats that kids love to eat, and in ordinary everyday meals.But our biggest mistake is that we have grossly underestimated the strength, importance and effectiveness of eating together as a family. 
So, instead of trying to shove veggies and fruits down the throats of my uncooperative kids, our (family's) challenge now is to set aside busy schedules, taste differences, the absolute necessity to eat junk, and sit down together to eat a well balanced meal. If this doesn't encourage our kids to be curious about healthy food, probably nothing else will.

So, here is to all those moms out there, juggling numerous things, nutrition being just one of them.... cheers!
Pic of the day -  Allez cuisine!!!!
Iron chef is long gone. Say hello to - Samurai Chef! 

* what happened - it was one of those days, we had just moved in to a new apartment, both kids at home, my head was almost a pressure cooker and A did his business in his diaper. Usually, I let A be diaper-free for 30-40 mins after an incident. So, as I would normally do, I cleaned him up, pants on, no diaper. And off I went to to the bathroom to dispose the soiled nappy , wipes etc., when my daughter came running after me saying "baby boy make carpet dirty". I didn't think of it much, assuming he must be pouring water/juice from his sippy cup all over again. As I walked out of the bathroom, I saw him standing, a brown lump in his palm, tongue out and eyes rolling, lips twitching as if to say "damn, I  shouldn't have done that" . My heart was hoping it was a chewed up coco puff that he just spit out into his hands, but my gut knew what it really was. And I found more evidence to the truth on the carpet. So, that's how he ended up doing the unthinkable. 

Pic Taken on - 28 Jan 2013

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