Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Drunken Monk!

Droopy eyes, pouted lips, hands down in surrender…there are few things cuter than a drowsy baby high on a full stomach. And when V goes to this zen like state, I call her "the drunken monk" (after Mr. Goundamani's famous line…"you drunken monk") V has been having tummy troubles from the beginning. She is doing much better now, though there are bad days and then there are very bad days at times. Here is me hoping she will eat well and I will get to see many more of these cutesy drowsy monk looks. 

Pic of the day - The monk who sold your ferrari 
What??? hic…That was your car?? hic..hic.. sorry man…hic
Pic Taken On: Feb 1 2011

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