Monday, February 7, 2011

Sandai Kozhi *

She is teaching me to talk with just vowels and I am having the best conversations of my life.

Vrishti started cooing and making sweet noises around her second month. She would mimic any high pitched high volume noises we made. When she was in good mood, all we had to do was lock eyes with her and start talking. She would speak very softly and slowly to me, in very excited high pitched tone with my MIL, and quietly just stare in astonishment at Hari. 
My MIL and V made a great pair speaking loudly and complaining to each other about me. (he he) Somehow she would get very responsive when my MIL said things like "Don't worry kanna…i will scold your mom. I will give her a good beating" And even the way she spoke to my MIL sounded like she was complaining on me. And most other times, she was plainly giving one-ka-double replies to my MIL, locking eyes with her in a battle of words. 

Pic of the day - Bull's Eye! 

Not me mom. It was the hen. She started it first.  
(Psst...hey hen...keep ur funny side up!) 

* Sandai Kozhi - Means "fighting hen"

Pic Taken on : Dec 24 2010

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