Sunday, December 12, 2010

Look what came in the mail!

A baby girl! One dream come true and many more in the making :) 
Children are our chance to relive our childhood. I am for sure waiting to play with her barbie dolls, hide and seek, put up skits, sleep in a tent and do all the fun stuff that I did or wanted to do when I was a kid. 
Those initial days were the time when "Oru deivam thanda poove" could bring tears to my eyes. She cried non-stop for more than an hour the first night at home. There is no way I can describe the fear, anxiety, desperation and helplessness I felt when I saw her tiny little face twisted in pain and cry. I didn't understand why she cried so bad; from the bottom of her stomach and at the top of her lungs. But guess that's how babies are. They are very sensitive to any kind of change; temperature, people holding them for too long or too less...or its just the way they communicate ...could be 1000s of things. 
I want to remember that, that night I cried with my baby. For even I didn't know how else I could vent my feelings. 
I remembered once when I was very ill with my BP falling down and all, I was sleeping on my mom's lap and breathing very heavily. I could feel her crying at looking at me. I was in 3rd year of college and after 19 years or so my mom still couldn't bear to look at me struggling. 
However melodramatic this might feel, you just have to become a mother to know one.
Oru deivam thanda poove
I was making these felt figures in the last few days of pregnancy when I had no idea how big or small a new born would be. I should have taken this pic within the first two weeks of her birth but those days were so unpredictable and she was in no mood to stay put let alone pose for pictures. This one was taken almost after she turned one month old (Nov 3rd) and by then she had grown pretty big for my props. 

And here is to all the wonderful parents out there. And one special father ;)

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