Sunday, December 12, 2010

Filmi Shilmi

I love films. I love watching good films. Dont mind watching the ones I like over and over again. Hari is a big movie buff too (though our tastes differ slightly) It was only natural that we put Vrishti on track already. We are lucky she doesnt mind all the noise. In fact she can sleep through sounds of steady gun fire and stuff (thank God. touch wood) But of course loud, catch-you-offguard noises do get her. She has seen a few films for about and an hour or more. Her first one was Die Hard. She saw most part of the first film and some parts of 2,3 and 4 during our DH marathon. Her first tamil movie was Endhiran (yayyee! thailaivar padam) kannada film was Aapta Rakshaka and hindi movie was Sholay!

And in honor of the noble art of film making here is the pic of the day... "My Bollywood Twin"
Rowdy Ranganna

Pic Taken On: Nov 16 2010

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