Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am a fashion retard. I hope Vrishti gets her sense of dressing from her father. The Gen-Next is sure to be more fashion conscious than us. I have seen so many kids wanting to wear clothes of certain colors only, picking accessories...and I am not talking about girl kids only. Boys these days also have very specific fashion demands. And how can we blame these kids with so many many pretty little things being made for them. Parents (like hari and me) get so carried away when we walk into the kids section of any store. It brings such a high to get nice clothes and dress up our dolls :D 

Pic of the day - My Shopping List - shoes and a bag! 
Btw, her top says "Dont you wish your baby was sweet like me" 

Ohh c'mon. Dont mind the attitude. I am a fashionista after all! 

Pic taken on - Dec 2 2010

p.s - I hope I will be able to teach my girl where "presentable" stops and "vain" begins. 

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